Re: Help! - Issues with cloud foundry deployment on openstack


Hi Deepa ,

while we are deploying cloudfoundry on openstack we have manually edited
the cf-deployment.yml file . I am attaching the cf-deployment.yml below
for your reference . hope you can replace the credentials with yours and
give it a try


On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 2:23 AM, Dheepa Subramanian (sdheepa) <
sdheepa(a)> wrote:


We are new to cloud foundry. This is our first attempt to deploy cloud
foundry on openstack using BOSH. We are following the instructions in this

We have gotten past the initial steps and are at the point where we are
running bosh deploy to deploy cloud foundry. We used Bosh-init (instead of
microbosh) to deploy the director.

We are running to several issues with the cf-deployment.yml manifest
file that was generated using Spiff. One such error is..

Error 130003: `ha_proxy_z1/0’ already has reservation for network `cf1',
IP 2154496513

What we are noticing is that the cf-deployment.yml that was generated
from the cf-stub.yml (both files attached) may not be complete/missing
information. We have been trying to manually edit the generated
cf-deployment.yml and run the bosh deploy command but we keep hitting
errors and are unable to proceed.

Ouestions are..

1. Should we even manually edit the cf-deployment.yml or should spiff
have generated it correctly?
2. How do we validate that the contents of the deployment.yml are
indeed correct?
3. Is there a sample cf-deployment.yml file that we can refer to?

I have attached cf-stub.yml, cf-deployment.yml and the debug output of the
“bosh deploy” cmd for your reference.

Cloud Foundry version is 211
Bosh stem cell 2950- bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent
Bosh version is 173

Appreciate your help!


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