Re: AWS DNS resolution + micro bosh

Dmitriy Kalinin

You should be able to use dns.recursor exactly the same way on AWS as you
did on OpenStack.

Btw AWS provides address in your subnet as a full DNS.

On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 11:43 AM, Sumanth Yamala <Sumanth.Yamala(a)>

Hi ,

I am using the features of BOSH DNS resolution. Deployed a microbosh. In
my deployment manifest I specify for a default network to use as
my DNS.

The behavior is: in AWS

It is able to resolve BOSH deployed VM DNS like
“0.docker.default.docker-sample.microbosh” but it is unable to resolve How can I fix this behavior so that this resolves both.

In OpenStack I had a similar issue – I had to put properties:dns:recursor
with the name server that resolves the company network and the “www” to get
around this.

How do I solve this for AWS?



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