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FYI, if anyone wants to comment, there's a Google Doc which has the contents of the top email in this thread ("BOSH Director Performance on Jammy Stemcells FAQ") updated to reflect Benjamin's points:

On Fri, Oct 28, 2022 at 2:06 PM Brian Cunnie via <> wrote:
Hi Benjamin,

On Fri, Oct 28, 2022 at 1:32 PM Benjamin Gandon <benjamin@...> wrote:
When you intend the Bosh Agent to remove the Clang compiler on non-compilation VMs, I’m wondering about how consistent this would be with the env.bosh.remove_dev_tools option [1] in instance groups (defaulting to false), that already controls the removal of GCC on runtime VMs.

I believe the mechanism we would use would be the env.bosh.remove_dev_tools property that you describe; if you removed GCC, you also would remove Clang.
With the design you expose, we would end up with GCC being kept on runtime VMs by default, with a possibility to remove it, whereas Clang would be systematically be removed.

Good point! All the more reason to incorporate Clang-removal under the env.bosh.remove_dev_tools umbrella.
In order to have a consistent behavior about compilers removal, what about those two alternate solutions:

1. Add a new env.bosh.remove_clang option that would default to true.

2. Have Clang removal be controlled by the env.bosh.remove_dev_tools option, and make it true by default. After all, There are no Bosh Releases that need the compilers to be kept on runtime VMs.

I love that idea! I'd like to remove the dev_tools by default. I'll bring it up with the team to see if there's any reason why it shouldn't default to true.
Second remark, there hasn’t been any public CentOS 7 Stemcell generated for ≈3 years, as the latest v3763.61 tag [2] was set in Dec 2019 [3]. I can’t reasonably think that any organization would actually run software on such old OS.

That's good news for us.
It seems that the pipeline has been stopped back then, and might not have been maintained since then.
Therefore in the Stemcells page [4], would it be possible to add a Deprecation Warning for CentOS 7 Stemcells?

We always are willing to review pull requests! 😉

Brian Cunnie, 650.968.6262

Brian Cunnie, 650.968.6262

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