Re: Deprecating global compiled package cache

Marco Voelz

Dear Maya,


From my point of view the removal certainly makes sense. The global compiled package cache has severe issues, which to my knowledge have never been fixed [1,2,3]. I'd be interested in existing use-cases that people have for this, but my assumption is this feature doesn't live up to the expectations we had back in 2013 when it was added ;)


+1 for removing this, thanks for bringing this up!


Warm regards








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Subject: [cf-bosh] Deprecating global compiled package cache


Hi Everyone,

I'm considering removing the global compiled package cache. It was a feature that made a lot of sense in a world before compiled releases where users with multiple directors wanted to only compile on one director then share that artifact with the others. Currently, when the BOSH director searches for a compiled package, it first searches the blobstore for any exact or fuzzy (for floating stemcell lines) compiled package matches before checking the global package cache. My hope is that as more and more BOSH release authors have adopted compiled releases, the need for the global package cache has become minimal to none as most compiled packages have been 'pre-seeded' to the blobstore. 


For users still ingesting source releases, we've since made manual workarounds to avoid the compilation time hit. Namely anyone can export a release and upload that artifact to any number of directors.


Please reach out if you have any use cases that might be broken by this change.

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