Re: Bosh AlibabaCloud light stemcell has not been imported to provide community version yet


HI Mukesh, Thanks a lot for your effort. Light stemcell is accepted is very important for us.

Yes, except for light stemcell, there also have other important things for us and our customers:

1. rotate the wtmp/btmp logs timeout
    When running the bosh-linux-stemcell-builder CI, I always happened an error: "rotate the wtmp/btmp logs timeout" and this error prevent my CI going green. And then, it will block our customers to use our stemcell and bosh CPI. Can you have a look in the github:

2. Bosh AlibabaCloud CPI release has not had community version yet
    At present, we provided stemcells, cf-deployment, bosh-alicloud-cpi and so on. But the CPI is still missing in the Can you build a story to push it? See message: ?

3. bosh-deployment and docs-bosh for alibaba cloud still need story
    We have submitted bosh-deployment PR for a long time, but it is still in not-merged. Can you build a story to push it? See message: ?
    Still applies for docs-bosh, See message: ?

I need your more help and ideas. Please let me know if there have any issues. Thanks in advance.



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