Re: How to prevent compilation VMs from being deleted?

Benjamin Gandon

The point is to debug the compile scripts in the VM where they are running.
There is a way of dealing with VMs being destroyed after the compile script fail :

  1. Include a pause 10000 statement at the top of your compile script.
  2. bosh ssh to the compilation VM when it’s stuck on this pause 10000.
  3. Make a copy of the failing compile script with the pause 10000 removed.
  4. Run this copy with bash -x to inspect its behavior.
  5. Debug your script, fix it with an editor like vim, and iterate to step #4.
  6. When your compile script is working, quit the bosh ssh session and bosh scp it to your local machine, for inclusion in your BOSH Release.

Le 30 juil. 2019 à 18:02, R M <rishi.investigate@...> a écrit :

Thanks Conor - I already have `reuse_compilation_vms` set but I believe it is intended to be re-used for compilation.  BOSH seems to delete it anyway once the compilation job finishes/fails.

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