Re: Job is not running after update - agent/monit race issue?

Prysmakou Aliaksandr <aliaksandr.prysmakou@...>

Hi Danny, guys
I may confirm the issue. We faced with it many times. Going to collect more info on next occurrence.

On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 5:31 PM, Danny Berger <dpb587(a)<mailto:dpb587(a)>> wrote:
Frequently when doing a deploy (happens in multiple deployments) a job will randomly fail with "job/0 is not running after update" for no logical reason. I can just rerun `bosh deploy` and it will succeed on that job and move onto the next job for update (which might also fail). Alternatively, I can SSH in and monit will show one or more processes as "not monitored", yet if I run `monit start all` it does start the remaining processes without fail. Looking into this behavior more today, I think it might be some strange interaction between bosh-agent and monit.

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