Bosh AlibabaCloud light stemcell has not been imported to provide community version yet


Dear Friends of BOSH,

Same as message #2640, importing bosh-alicloud-light-stemcell still needs your help.

In order to provide AlibabaCloud light stemcell community version, according to community requirements, I provided the bosh-alicloud-light-stemcell-builder: to build the latest light stemcell when there is a new full stemcell published. After that, the light stemcell meta info will be uploaded into Now, the builder has published three light stemcells, but them have not been published in the

The following is bosh-alicloud-light-stemcell-builder's result:

If there are any issues, please let us know by github or slack, and we will fix them asap.


We appreciate your comments, thoughts, feedback and suggestions! You can reply on the cf-bosh mailing list or reach out in the ways described in the 'contact' section in the document.

Thanks and warm regards

Guimin, He


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