Bosh AlibabaCloud CPI release has not had community version yet


Dear Friends of BOSH,
As the major Cloud Provider, we, Alibaba Cloud, align more closely with the Bosh and CF community. In the past two year, we have got great results, like providing Bosh AlibabaCloud CPI,  bosh-linux-stemcell-builder supports building AlibabaCloud xenial stemcell, cf-deployment supports AlibabaCloud cloud-config and so on. Besides, there also have more results needs us to achieve, like providing light stemcell, official CPI releases, CPI certification CI and others.
With the integration progress, there also needs CF's efforts to help us to accelerate and finish integration Alibaba Cloud with CloudFoundry.
Currently, we have provided the latest CPI codes in the and we has published several custom version to help our customer to deploy Bosh and CF. But, for our customers and us, we more need its community version. like AlibabaCloud full stemcell community version. 
In order to validate the CPI availability, I built my concourse pipeline to run the CPI CI, and the results as the following:

If there are any issues, please let us know by github or slack, and we will fix them asap.
We appreciate your comments, thoughts, feedback and suggestions! You can reply on the cf-bosh mailing list or reach out in the ways described in the 'contact' section in the document.
Thanks and warm regards
Guimin, He

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