Re: bosh micro deploy stuck at Started deploy micro bosh > Waiting for the agent

Gwenn Etourneau

Please check security groups on AWS
Can be a communication issue between director and the bosh agent.

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 8:10 AM, Dulanjalie Dhanapala <dulanjalie(a)>

Hi all,
I am in the process of bringing up cloud foundry setup using BOSH for the
first time.

when i execute bosh micro deploy it got stuck at below point. I see a Vm
got created in AWS. I am not aware of which log file that i should check.
Please let me know how I can debug this?


cfoundry(a)c-foundry:~/micro-deployment$ bosh micro deploy

No `bosh-deployments.yml` file found in current directory.

Conventionally, `bosh-deployments.yml` should be saved in /home/cfoundry.

Is /home/cfoundry/micro-deployment a directory where you can save state?
(type 'yes' to continue): yes

Deploying new micro BOSH instance `manifest.yml' to `https://<VIP
IP>:25555' (type 'yes' to continue): yes

Verifying stemcell...

File exists and readable OK

Verifying tarball...

Read tarball OK

Manifest exists OK

Stemcell image file OK

Stemcell properties OK

Stemcell info


Name: bosh-aws-xen-hvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent

Version: 2986

Started deploy micro bosh

Started deploy micro bosh > Unpacking stemcell. Done (00:00:00)

Started deploy micro bosh > Uploading stemcell. Done (00:00:09)

Started deploy micro bosh > Creating VM from ami-3742b55c light. Done

Started deploy micro bosh > Waiting for the agent

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