Re: How to prevent compilation VMs from being deleted?

Conor Nosal

`keep_unreachable_vms` is unrelated to compilation. Unreachable means that the bosh agent on the VM never connected to the director.

To keep compilation VMs, you want to set `reuse_compilation_vms` to true in the cloud config.

On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 11:04 AM R M <rishi.investigate@...> wrote:
Hi there,

Is there any way of preventing compilation VMs from being destroyed if components fail to compile? I would like to be able to look into compilation VMs for troubleshooting the failures.

I tried following but wasn't sure where to put following section wrt `cf-deploy`:

bosh -e bosh-1 -d cf deploy cf-deployment.yml -v  --vars-store=/tmp/cloud-foundry/bosh/director-creds.yml

Thanks for any pointers ...

- name: bosh
        keep_unreachable_vms: true

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