Re: Removing Support for v1 Style Manifests

Ronak Banka

Great job BOSH team 👏🏻

On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 at 12:36 AM, Morgan Fine <mfine@...> wrote:
Friends of BOSH & CF,

In the olden days of BOSH, all IaaS configuration was done in individual deployment manifests, a la "v1 manifests". This became tedious and difficult for operators to mange. 

In order to abstract IaaS configuration, and simplify the operator workflow, BOSH added support for "v2 manifests". This introduced a concept called Cloud Config in order to consolidate IaaS configuration in a single file. The new "v2 manifests" reference IaaS concepts/objects from the Cloud Config and were more reusable across infrastructures.

Support for "v2 manifests" was added over 2 years ago. We believe this has given ample time for operators and release authors to migrate and stop relying on v1 syntax. Thus, the time has come where the BOSH team would like to simplify the code base and formally remove support for "v1 manifests". 

If you have any feedback about this change, please let us know.

For reference:
v1 manifest documentation:
v2 manifest documentation:

Morgan Fine

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