Re: Moving BPM out of Incubation

Marco Voelz

Dear Christopher,


Thanks for the proposal! Sorry for not following up on this sooner. A question which currently comes to my mind given the proposed transition to an 'active' project is: How active is BPM nowadays? What does the current BPM team look like and how much time do the team members spend on BPM?


I'll reach out to the individual PMC members and get their vote on the issue in the next week.


Thanks and warm regards



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Subject: [cf-bosh] Moving BPM out of Incubation


Hi everyone,


We'd like to propose moving the BPM project from the incubator into general availability during the next BOSH PMC meeting. 


bpm-release version 1.0 was released in November last year and is being used by many releases to provide a consistent and isolated sandbox environment for BOSH jobs.


What do you think?




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