Re: BOSH / CF - stop / start during maintenance

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I found your message here. It is rather old message, but I was intrigued
because I am looking for the solution that you already implemented:

"We have deployed BOSH / CF on vSphere. There are two hosts (each host is
AZ) and vm's are distributed between these two hosts. microBOSH, BOSH and CF
all three are co-located in these two hosts. "

Can you please explain me how did you do this? This is what I want to do:
I have two vSphere hosts in the same network segment. I have installed BOSH
Director on one of those hosts. I would like to deploy Cloud Foundry to the
(vSphere) cloud, but I would like that instances of Cloud Foundry be
distributed between those two hosts (for instance "half" instances on one
host and "other half" on another ). Is there a way to do this via bosh

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