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Marco Voelz

Dear Morgan,


I don't have the rights to comment in the attached document, so I guess I'll leave my comments here.


We should specifically mention how we're dealing with the case of switching operating systems. We're doing it now by switching from Trusty to Xenial, and we will do it again when we switch from Xenial to Bionic or 20.04 (whatever it will be called).


In cases like this, will ne do N and N-1 per operating system version (i.e. N and N-1 on Trusty as well as N and N-1 on Xenial) – at least for some grace period?


Thanks and warm regards



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Hi CF Community,


The BOSH team is working to formalize a policy for Linux stemcell support. Up until now, the team has not had a policy on which stemcell lines are officially supported. We'll also be working to make this information available on


Please find the details in the attached document.




Morgan Fine


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