Re: Azure Storage?

Mike Lloyd <klloyd@...>

I think midterm is okay - so long as it's on the roadmap and committed I can be happy. Recently there was an issue I had where the BOSH director was return HTTP 500 for every operation, after some investigation it turned out to be the local disk space was full. I was able to resolve it, but as I (and others) run BOSH on Azure, the ability to use the target cloud's blob store would be immensely useful. Otherwise it's monitoring for disk space and resizing disks or leveraging Minio/off-cloud solution. As a primarily Azure-based operator, not having parity on blob storage adds a small engineering overhead which may not necessarily exist in AWS and GCP.



On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 11:54 AM Morgan Fine <mfine@...> wrote:
Hey Mike,

We do have a roadmap item to enable Azure Blob Storage support for the BOSH director. That being said, it's looking like it's a midterm roadmap goal in the next few months based on our current priorities. 

Is there a specific reason you're asking? Any additional context is always useful to help with prioritization decisions later on.


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