Re: BOSH Stemcell Support Policy

Bin Xia

That’s great. For us, Azure CPI team, the official support policy for BOSH stemcell is very important and useful.

Here are some questions. Looking forward to your guidance.

  1. Azure CPI has some logic to be compatible with some very old stemcell. If they are not supported any more, it’s safe for us to remove these logic. Correct?
  2. Does the policy ask CPI pipeline or bosh-cpi-certification to test all supported versions?
  3. What’s the support policy for Ubuntu Trusty? After April 2019, will Trusty still be supported officially?
  4. What’s the support policy for CentOS7? CentOS7 is an official BOSH stemcell, but CentOS7 can’t be deployed in cf-deployment. Correct?
  5. Is there a plan to publish support policy for Windows stemcell?


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Hi CF Community,


The BOSH team is working to formalize a policy for Linux stemcell support. Up until now, the team has not had a policy on which stemcell lines are officially supported. We'll also be working to make this information available on


Please find the details in the attached document.




Morgan Fine


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