Re: BOSH PMC refactoring part 2 – moving CPIs out of incubation

dhiraj mutreja

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 2:17 AM Marco Voelz <marco.voelz@...> wrote:

Dear friends of BOSH,
The BOSH project management committee (PMC) proposes to promote the most mature and widely used CPIs from incubation to full project status. Specifically, we want to promote these CPIs
  • AWS CPI [1]
  • OpenStack CPI [2]
  • VSphere CPI [3]
  • Google CPI [4]
  • Azure CPI [5]

Promoting the projects has some impact on their users, depending on how you consume the CPIs
  • We will move the repositories from the cloudfoundry-incubator to the cloudfoundry organization in github. Github takes care of redirecting from the old repository location to the new one, so all links and references to the old repositories should still work. 
  • References on currently include the github organization name [6]. In the past, there have been issues with people consuming outdated releases from after they had been renamed or moved – we might need a similar mechanism of redirecting that github provides to avoid that.

Please reach out to by replying to this mail or contacting me personally if you have questions, concerns, or comments.

Warm regards

PS: cross-posted on cf-developers for greater reach and potential experiences about previous promotions from incubator to full project.

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