Re: Incubation proposal: HuaweiCloud CPI

Marco Voelz

Dear JUN,


Thanks for the proposal. I'm asking everyone for feedback until August 31st: Make yourself heard, start discussions and make sure to ask the questions you have until that deadline. If there are no outstanding major discussion points, we will proceed with voting for incubation in the week after that.


Warm regards



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Subject: [cf-bosh] Incubation proposal: HuaweiCloud CPI


Hi all,

We want to propose the HuaweiCloud CPI for incubation in the BOSH PMC.,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,Huaweicloud,20,2,0,23810700 

The HuaweiCloud Bosh CPI [1] and configuration items for bosh [6] and cf [7] is ready now.  The Bosh HuaweiCloud CPI is used in our internal product.


We also add CI testing (CF HuaweiCloud Validator[3] [4] and BOSH Acceptance Tests (BATS)[2] ) to check if Huaweicloud CPI is ready to run BOSH and install

Cloud Foundry. The CI result will be displayed in each Huaweicloud CPI PR [5].



The project would follow a distributed committer model.

Project Lead:
Edward Lee
Initial Committers:
- ZhongJun (Huawei)
-Tommylikehu ( Huawei )

- LiuSheng  ( Huawei )

We are looking forward to your questions and comments.



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