Re: Incubation proposal: HuaweiCloud CPI

Guillaume Berche

Hi Jun,

It's great to see Huawei team contributing to the CloudFoundry community!

I work for Orange which has been running CloudFoundry on various openstack distributions using the openstack CPI for many years, including on the Huawei cloud powered Orange Flexible Engine [1] for the last 4 months. This occasionally required us to contribute fixes to the openstack-cpi or its fog dependency library [4].

The huaweicloud cpi's readme [2] mentions that enhancements (w.r.t. openstack CPI) lies in "Network: fully supporting huaweicloud network resources, including vpc, subnet, nic and so on."

I wonder where the associated documentation can be found: is there user-facing huawei specific properties that are exposed to cpi users ? I so far could only spot the example manifest into cf-deployment [3] and bosh-deployment [3b] forks but without apparent new properties w.r.t. openstack cpi reference doc [6]. I therefore wonder whether the huawei cpi is indeed offering support for new features, or rather accommodating for subtle openstack api incompatibilites which could potentially be handled through either better huawei cloud openstack api conformance, or contributions to the openstack cpi to make it more flexible to API response variations (like we did in [4]). Huawei usa contributor was offering to help with openstack testing in [7] which could potentially help.

Looking at the huaweicloud cpi's code, I'm concerned to see the proposed repos (openstack CPI, openstack validator, being completely forked without apparent convergence with the openstack CPI work, and worry about maintenance of this effort in the future, and feature parity with openstack-cpi.

I wonder whether the Huawei team has yet reached out to the openstack CPI team (e.g.on slack [8]) to discuss support for extensions in the cpi that potential Huawei differentiated features (beyond openstack standard) could leverage (in a similar fashion that the openstack  validator supports extensions [5]).

Thanks in advance,



On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 11:20 AM jun zhong <jun.zhongjun2@...> wrote:
Hi all,

We want to propose the HuaweiCloud CPI for incubation in the BOSH PMC.,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,Huaweicloud,20,2,0,23810700 

The HuaweiCloud Bosh CPI [1] and configuration items for bosh [6] and cf [7] is ready now.  The Bosh HuaweiCloud CPI is used in our internal product.

We also add CI testing (CF HuaweiCloud Validator[3] [4] and BOSH Acceptance Tests (BATS)[2] ) to check if Huaweicloud CPI is ready to run BOSH and install
Cloud Foundry. The CI result will be displayed in each Huaweicloud CPI PR [5].

The project would follow a distributed committer model.

Project Lead: Edward Lee
Initial Committers:
- ZhongJun (Huawei)
-Tommylikehu ( Huawei )
- LiuSheng  ( Huawei )

We are looking forward to your questions and comments.


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