Re: post hook into bosh delete vm command

Benjamin Gandon

Indeed, thank you for mentioning it Marco!

I was focused towards providing a working solution in my answer, not broadening the problem too much.

I definitely support this proposal. From the very start I found the {"persistent_disk":0} solution very workaround-ish indeed. For in-memory database, or anything stateless that needs draining, this currenty-state-of-the-art-workaround would not work.

In which form are you expecting feedback or support?

Benjamin GANDON

Le 28 juin 2018 à 14:34, Marco Voelz <marco.voelz@...> a écrit :


Please note that all of the things Benjamin mentioned are mere workarounds rather than a desireable solution. We're looking for feedback for the proposal at which would introduce a way for scripts to detect state changes in a drain script.

Warm regards

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Sorry, yes, I meant as a bosh release.  I'm still getting used to the nomenclature. 

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