rabbitmq LDAP authentication issues


I am having an issue with getting my ldap config to work on rabbitmq cluster. We are authenticating against the internal server first then ldap. Heres a copy of our current config:


    {rabbit, [ {collect_statistics_interval, 60000}] },

    {rabbitmq_management, [ {rates_mode, basic}] },


        [ {auth_backends, [rabbit_auth_backend_internal, rabbit_auth_backend_ldap]},

          {auth_mechanisms, ['PLAIN','AMQPLAIN']}




        [ {servers, ["ourcompany.com.us"]},

          {dn_lookup_attribute, "cn"},

          {dn_lookup_base, "DC=com,DC=us"},

          {use_ssl, false},

          {port, 636},

          {log, true},



                [ {administrator, {in_group, "CN=team,OU=IT,OU=Engineering,OU=Global,DC=ourcompany,DC=com,DC=us"}},

                {administrator, {constant, true}}






I've checked the logs and saw error messages that LDAP plugin was not installed or is not part of the list in auth_backends but then I confirmed in same log file that it is there and ran rabbitmq-plugins to verify:

home dir       : /var/vcap/store/rabbitmq

config file(s) : /var/vcap/jobs/rabbitmq-server/bin/../etc/rabbitmq.config

log            : /var/vcap/sys/log/rabbitmq-server/rabbit@...

sasl log       : /var/vcap/sys/log/rabbitmq-server/rabbit@...

=WARNING REPORT==== 10-Apr-2018::14:36:54 ===


LDAP plugin loaded, but rabbit_auth_backend_ldap is not in the list of auth_backends. LDAP auth will not work.

=INFO REPORT==== 10-Apr-2018::14:36:54 ===

Server startup complete; 9 plugins started.

 * rabbitmq_shovel_management

 * rabbitmq_management

 * rabbitmq_management_agent

 * rabbitmq_web_dispatch

 * cowboy

 * rabbitmq_auth_backend_ldap

 * rabbitmq_shovel

 * cowlib


 * amqp_client

Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated!


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