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Mike Youngstrom

This is great!  I've been wondering about these very question since the Container Runtime was announced.  Thanks for posting this here.


On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 2:00 AM, Krannich, Bernd <bernd.krannich@...> wrote:

Hello all,


During the Cloud Foundry board meeting which happened right after the European Cloud Foundry summit in Basel there was a request to the Cloud Foundry Technical Advisory Board (TAB) to come up with ideas around a closer integration of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.


While there is the well-established Kubo effort to manage Kubernetes clusters using BOSH, a group of Cloud Foundry platinum member companies comprising of (in alphabetical order) IBM, SAP, and SUSE felt that we as a community could do more with respect to integrating Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. In the last few weeks, colleagues from these three companies have started creating ideas and project proposals which are now in a shape so that we can share them with the broader Cloud Foundry community to solicit feedback:


  1. Cloud Foundry/Kubernetes Integration Scenarios
    • Goal: Integrate a Cloud Foundry deployment and one/many Kubernetes clusters, no matter how they were created
    • Lead: Bernd Krannich (SAP)
    • On this document Swisscom also provided their inputs
    • Also, while above document lists potential projects there is already a first project proposal around an Open Service Broker Catalog for which we are also seeking feedback
  2. Cloud Foundry Orchestrator Provider Interface
    • Goal: Provide an API inside Cloud Foundry to allow switching the scheduling layer for Cloud Foundry Applications to be K8S
    • Lead: Simon Moser (IBM)
  3. Containerizing Cloud Foundry
    • Goal: With topic #2 completed, deploy the remaining Cloud Foundry control plane components (UAA, Cloud Controller, …) as Pods on Kubernetes
    • Lead: Vlad Iovanov (SUSE)


People from the three companies can jointly say that it was great to see a collaborative effort resulting in what we think is a promising direction for Cloud Foundry overall.


We’d love to hear your thoughts so please make sure to leave comments and feedback in the respective documents or send us general feedback over cf-dev.


Thanks in advance,

Simon Moser (IBM), Bernd Krannich (SAP), Vlad Iovanov (SUSE) in the name of the colleagues from these three companies who put effort into the topic




Bernd Krannich

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