CF mailing lists migration Tuesday at 9am PST

Chris Clark

Hello all,

CF-bosh, and all other Cloud Foundry Foundation mailing lists, will be
migrating from Mailman to on Nov 7th, Tuesday morning, at 9am
PST. Migration should take an hour or two, and during this time there will
be a delay in any new posts. The archives will be still be available. should provide significant improvements in functionality and UI
over Mailman. For those of you interacting with this list solely through
email, you likely won't even notice the change. If you use the interface
at, you will soon see a nice new GUI to use... the
domain, and associated URLs, will remain the same. If you'd like to learn
more about, please reference their documentation

I'll let you know Tuesday once migration is complete. Please reach out if
you have any questions, concerns, exultations.

Chris Clark

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