Re: How to access the IP of my other instance inside my app

Daniel Mikusa <dmikusa@...>

I think you want Bosh links, but more specifically a self link ->


On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 5:48 AM, Ushani Balasooriya <ushanib(a)>

Hi there,

Im going to deploy my application in BOSH and cluster it with n number of
nodes. E.g., 2

So in my app, when I deploy the app in my manifest.yml I have defined
below. So it starts at and next node starts in
when give instances : 2 in my manifest.yml

- -

So in my each app I need to access each other nodes' IPs inside a XML
file. How can i do this dynamically in a xml file. Please advice. Thanks


<parameter name="localMemberHost"></parameter>



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