Error: Required property 'compilation' was not specified -Bosh v2-Openstack

Gw .

Dear Team,

I am trying to deploy CF on Openstack using bosh .

I am now using Bosh v2 for deployment. As per the document , I
configured manifest.yml (Manifest I used : my-manifest
<> ) . I
also faced issue mentioned in
and as per suggestions in the issue, I created release using CLI v1 and
uploaded the release using CLI v2.

Now when I excute deploy using :
$bosh -e my-env -d my-dep deploy manifest.yml

I get the following error :

14:39:40 | Deprecation: Ignoring cloud config. Manifest contains 'networks'
14:39:40 | Preparing deployment: Preparing deployment (00:00:01)
L Error: Required property 'compilation' was not specified in
object ({"networks"=>[{"cloud_properties"=>{"net_id"=>"15...",
"security_groups"=>[]}, "name"=>"floating", "type"=>"vip"}, {"name"=>"cf1",
"security_groups"=>["bosh-TestCF", "CF-TestCF"]}, "dns"=>[""],
"gateway"=>"", "range"=>"",
"reserved"=>[" -", " -"],
"static"=>[" -"]}], "type"=>"manual"},
{"name"=>"cf2", "subnets"=>[{"cloud_properties"=>{"net_id"=>"3a...",
"security_groups"=>["bosh-TestCF", "CF-TestCF"]}, "dns"=>[""],
"gateway"=>"", "range"=>"",
"reserved"=>[" -", " -"],
"static"=>[" -"]}], "type"=>"manual"}]})

Any suggestions ?

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