Re: How to deploy bosh changes in bosh director on bosh-lite

Danny Berger

Hi - the cloudfoundry/bosh repository is a regular BOSH release, so once
you have made your changes, you can create a new release tarball with `bosh
create-release --tarball=/tmp/bosh-dev.tgz`.

If you used the `bosh create-env` to deploy your director, you can then
update the manifest file and replace bosh release's URL with a local file
path (`file:///tmp/bosh-dev.tgz`), followed by re-running your `bosh
create-env ...` command.

If you used `bosh deploy`, you can use `bosh upload-release
/tmp/bosh-dev.tgz` to upload, then update your director's manifest file
with the new version number, and then rerun your `bosh deploy ...` command.

Here are a few links which I think may be helpful to you to learn more
background and a few additional scenarios you might run into...

- create-release command –
- general release management workflows –
- some general release scenarios –


On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 7:54 AM, PARTHASARATHI KUNDU <
parthasarathi_kundu(a)> wrote:

After modifying code of, I can
create and update the bosh release using bosh cli . How can I deploy the
changes(newly updated release) of bosh director ?

Danny Berger

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