Re: Cloud Foundry Deployment using bosh

David Sabeti

Hey Arpit,

The VM extensions in cf-deployment are required, as they instruct the CPI
to integrate routers with load balancers and to add more disk to some of
the jobs that need it. For example, on GCP, the VM extension adds a tag to
the routers so that they get include in the GCP "Backend Service" that the
load balancers will route to. Similarly, for AWS, the VM extensions
actually name the ELB that will get reconfigured to route traffic to the

We don't yet have a working cloud-config for OpenStack, but there's a team
working on it as we speak. For now, you could take a look at the BOSH
documentation for the OpenStack CPI[1]. Anything that goes in
`cloud_properties` for the resource_pools can also be added to the
`cloud_properties` of a VM extension in your cloud-config, so it looks like
you could try adding `loadbalancer_pools` as part of the VM extensions
necessary for the routers.



On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 1:31 AM Arpit Sharma <arpitvipulsharma(a)>

Hi David Sabeti,

Done. Thanks for your response. I have done these changes. But still I am
getting error due to vm_extensions, which I have not defined in cloud
config. Is it really required? what you suggest?

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