how to change persistent store datastore

Jo Stockley

I need to migrate the persistent storage used by my BOSH deployed application to a new vsphere datastore. I have successfully updated the BOSH configuration to refer to the new persistent datastore and have used BOSH CLI to recreate the job vms for most of the jobs, all with small persistent storage. However, I have 5 jobs that have 500GB persistent store allocations. When I do the bosh recreate <job> <index> command it fails after about an hour. When I check vsphere it is still only about halfway through moving the vmfs file to the new persistent datastore.

So my question is how can I increase the timeout that BOSH uses for the job vm to finish so that the vmfs file move can complete?
Is this a limitation in BOSH that requires a code change or is there a manifest configuration somewhere that needs increasing?


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