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Geoff Franks <geoff@...>

Are you triggering meltdown mode on the director, because it's detecting too many VMs going offline at the same time?
You can `grep -i meltdown` in the logs to be certain. Might need to adjust some of the settings mentioned here:

On Jul 28, 2017, at 3:57 AM, 강경원 <kyungwon.kang(a)> wrote:

Does Bosh resurrect only 1 vm for each interval (time_threshold)?
When we test it's not recreating multiple down instances simultaneously.

Name bosh-test
UUID e40fc09b-2695-42a0-a10a-3a7e57ac98c0
Version 262.3.0 (00000000)
CPI aws_cpi
Features compiled_package_cache: disabled
config_server: enabled
dns: disabled
snapshots: disabled
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