Re: BPM Incubation Proposal

Dr Nic Williams

This seems super cool. Is there an example release that uses bpm rather than monit etc?

From: Christopher Brown <cbrown(a)>
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 8:24:20 AM
To: cf-bosh(a)
Subject: [cf-bosh] BPM Incubation Proposal

Hi all,

We’ve been working internally on experiments to isolate BOSH jobs from one another and providing a friendlier and less error-prone interface than the current boilerplate bash control scripts. We call this project BPM (initially BOSH Process Manager).

We’ve successfully written an internal proof-of-concept of this project. It is able to run many of the Cloud Foundry runtime jobs (CC, Diego, Loggregator, UAA) inside containers. BPM manages the lifecycle of the jobs, isolates the jobs from one another, and restricts the job’s capabilities such that they are only allowed to perform actions crucial to their function. At the same time we were able to remove the vast majority of the surrounding duplicative, error prone bash control scripts. We are now in the process of rebuilding this proof of concept into the production-ready end product.

You can follow the development here:

I’d like to propose the incubation of this project under the BOSH PMC. We’d like to start by adding this functionality behind a feature flag to the Diego release. Once this has been successfully completed then we’d be interested in expanding the deployment if there is demand.


Christopher Brown
PCF Security

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