Re: Option -N for bosh no longer available with bosh-cli v2?

Holger Oehm

Well, it was there in bosh cli v1.

And I am aware of the Ctrl-C thing. But what I want to do is run
bosh -nN in a script from concourse. (And it should run asynchronously
because the bosh task will be to update concourse (the same instance
that runs the script)).

On 07/13/2017 04:16 PM, Tyler Schultz wrote:
There is no --no-track option, but you can ctl-c and the task will
continue. 'bosh task 123' will reattach to the output.

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 5:17 AM Holger Oehm <holger.oehm(a)
<mailto:holger.oehm(a)>> wrote:


is something similar to the -N (--no-track) option in bosh v1 still
available in bosh-cli v2? I didn't find it in the documentation or in
the output of bosh help.

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