Re: Creating vm with stemcell failed.... No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available..Filter ImagePropertiesFilter returned 0 hosts

Johannes Hiemer

Hi Arpit,
can you see the volume being created in OS?

On Thu, 13 Jul 2017 at 15:38 Arpit Sharma <arpitvipulsharma(a)>

Hi Johannes,

Yesterday I have logged ticket for the same. I received response from Mr.
Mauro Morales that we can try to repack the stemcell with bosh-cli. After
that I have tried with this idea and followed this link
finally I successed in changing hypervisor type to qemu. Now I am able to
launch VM with image. I have reduced flavor from x1.large to m1.medium. But
I am again getting new error

Started deploying
Creating VM for instance 'bosh/0' from stemcell
'197a22a9-0bc1-4365-9a43-035b0983179c'... Finished (00:01:15)
Waiting for the agent on VM 'b8db1076-2fd3-4d5e-a42b-2f539dc73468' to be
ready... Finished (00:08:26)
Creating disk... Failed (00:00:01)
Failed deploying (00:09:46)

Stopping registry... Finished (00:00:00)
Cleaning up rendered CPI jobs... Finished (00:00:00)

Creating instance 'bosh/0':
Updating instance disks:
Updating disks:
Deploying disk:
Creating disk with size 32768, cloudProperties property.Map{},
instanceID b8db1076-2fd3-4d5e-a42b-2f539dc73468:
CPI 'create_disk' method responded with error:
`f303c75a-829b-4206-814c-f0adb913a581' state is error, expected

Exit code 1

Can you help me with this?

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