Re: Error with bosh director deployment

Johannes Hiemer

As stated before changed security groups to default_security_groups=[default],
then it should work.

On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 at 16:56 Tim Lawrence <tim.lawrence1984(a)>

looks like some kind of character encoding issue.. which editor did you
edit the manifest in? Are you using a Unicode Charset or something?

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 1:35 PM, Arpit Sharma <arpit.sharma(a)>

Dear Team,

I am deploying bosh environment. When I am trying to deply director
server, I am getting following error. Can you help me with this

creating stemcell (bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent 3421.9):
CPI 'create_stemcell' method responded with error:
CmdError{"type":"InvalidCall","message":"Arguments are not correct,
details: 'Invalid OpenStack cloud properties:
#\u003cMembrane::SchemaValidationError: { openstack =\u003e {
default_security_groups =\u003e Expected instance of Array, given instance
of String, tenant =\u003e Missing key } }\u003e'","ok_to_retry":false}

Exit code 1

I am using below mentioned command for the same:

bosh create-env bosh-deployment/bosh.yml \
--state=state.json \
--vars-store=creds.yml \
-o bosh-deployment/openstack/cpi.yml \
-v director_name=bosh-1 \
-v internal_cidr= \
-v internal_gw= \
-v internal_ip= \
-v auth_url= \
-v az=nova \
-v default_key_name=mykey \
-v default_security_groups=default \
-v net_id=54093c23-1a21-4e1c-ab3d-88a70986bf38 \
-v openstack_password=4b61a9e4bcc64b5d \
-v openstack_username=admin \
-v openstack_domain=Default \
-v openstack_project=admin \
-v private_key=/root/.ssh/privroot_rsa \
-v region=RegionOne

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