Re: Upgrade Bosh Director

Tushar Dadlani

Hi Nitin,

For the bosh director itself, you can't download its own manifest. You need
save it in something like git.

As Brandon pointed out, you need to have a copy of your bosh-state.json
from your original deployment to ensure that you update the deployment and
not deploy a new director.


On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 8:10 AM Brandon Hudlemeyer <bhudlemeyer(a)>

I haven't seen any documentation on the actual upgrade process. What I
have always done is just update the bosh manifest with the newest
information and done a re-deploy like you would if you were updating
stemcells being used by other deployments.I have only done this using
bosh-init so far I have not tried it with bosh v2 and create-env.

I also use the command in the same directory the bosh-state.json file is
housed in (not sure this is a requirement but paranoid).

update lines in bosh manifest to newest versions:
- name: bosh
sha1: c2aaffdb3a9b6ddf2a05d2a865e81e4186741675
- name: bosh-vsphere-cpi
sha1: 648ba9921739d30763063c80ad7a280e6410a1b6
sha1: f5de77161ee2cc4014cde055c845f7b1cfc9f005

bosh-init deploy bosh.yml (again havent used bosh v2 and create-env for
this yet but would be same process basically I believe).

On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 7:53 AM nitin padalia <padalia.nitin(a)>


I want to upgrade my bosh directory, is there any documentation for that?

Also I can dowload deployment manifests of deployments managed by bosh
director, similarly if I want to download bosh directory deployment
manifest, how can I do that?

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