Re: Bosh newbie with log-in issue

Dmitriy Kalinin

After running `export BOSH_ENVIRONMENT=$(bbl director-address)` there is no
need to specify -e on subsequent commands. My guess is that whatever `bbl
director-address` returns is different from what you are typing in -e,
hence cli considers them different destinations. Try running env and deploy
commands without -e.

On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 11:10 AM, Paul Sorensen <paul.sorensen(a)>

I’m new to bosh, and trying to get an AWS Cloud Foundry set up going. I’m
trying to get step 2 working from the “cf-deployment” docs here:

I start by logging into bosh director:

$ export BOSH_ENVIRONMENT=$(bbl director-address)

$ bosh log-in

Using environment 'https://X.X.X.X:25555' as client 'admin'

Logged in to 'https://X.X.X.X:25555'



$ bosh -e X.X.X.X -d cf deploy cf-deployment/cf-deployment.yml
--vars-store env-repo/deployment-vars.yml -v system_domain=$SYSTEM_DOMAIN
-o cf-deployment/operations/aws.yml -o cf-deployment/operations/
change-logging-port-for-aws-elb.yml -o cf-deployment/operations/
disable-router-tls-termination.yml -o cf-deployment/operations/

Using environment 'X.X.X.X' as anonymous user

Using deployment 'cf'

Processing release 'binary-buildpack/1.0.13':

Finding releases:

Director responded with non-successful status code '401' response 'Not
authorized: '/releases'


Exit code 1

So, I’m logged in but not authorized? Then I run this:

$ bosh -e X.X.X.X env

Using environment 'X.X.X.X' as anonymous user

Name bosh-bbl-env-saimaa-2017-06-21t21-02z

UUID 2e6d1363-819f-45da-b82e-[snip]

Version 261.4.0 (00000000)

CPI aws_cpi

Features compiled_package_cache: disabled

config_server: disabled

dns: disabled

snapshots: disabled

User (not logged in)


And see that indeed, it says I’m not logged in – but I ran the “bosh
log-in” command. Is there another type of log-in?
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