Re: How to Deploy a CF Tile in BOSH

Imesh Gunaratne

Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for your quick response! Let me explain things in detail.

My attempt to is to implement a sample service broker and see how services work on CloudFoundry (CF). The end goal of this process is to implement service brokers for WSO2 middleware similar to Redis, MySQL and other service brokers currently available on the Pivotal network.

As I understood, to do this I need to things:
1. A service broker API
2. WSO2 middleware deployment automation

My plan is to deploy the service broker API on CF as an application and deploy WSO2 middleware on BOSH using a Tile. The idea is to make it work on any CF environment (on-premise & public cloud).

I started by generating a sample Tile using the Tile Generator and tried to deploy it on AWS by setting up a CF environment using the CloudFormation templates given. There I found that CF itself requires nearly 45 EC2 instances and thought of using BOSH lite and PCF Dev instead.

Now I have setup BOSH lite and PCF Dev on my local machine and trying to deploy the above sample Tile on it. This sample Tile has a simple bash script with an echo command. When I build the Tile, I can see that it is generating a BOSH release and a .pivotal file containing the BOSH release to be deployed via the Ops Manager.

Now, as I do not have Ops Manager running locally I tried deploying the BOSH release generated by the tile build in BOSH lite. I also tried setting up an Ops Manager locally but I could not find much information that and its Git repository. Really appreciate your thoughts on this.


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