Re: BOSH service deploy throwing CPI error

Riegger, Felix

Hi Subin,

it appears, that the network ID given in your BOSH OpenStack CPI config does not exist in the (also configured) OpenStack project the CPI is running against. Like the error message states, it is important to specify the network id and not the subnet id, which would be the more intuitive thing to do. Please double check network ids and project id and try again.

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On 19.05.17, 15:57, "subin alex" <alexkutty19(a)> wrote:

Hi Experts,

I am trying to deploy an enterprise application on Openstack instance jumpbox.I have BOSH and CloudFoundry already setup and is working fine.However ,while i am deploying my application services to BOSH,I am getting below error,

Failed: CPI error 'Bosh::Clouds::VMCreationFailed' with message 'VM creation with name 'ZZZZ' failed. Following network IDs are not existing or not accessible from this project: 'XXXX'. Make sure you do not use subnet IDs' in 'create_vm' CPI method (00:00:02)

From the error message,it looks likean issue wherein BOSH is prevented from creating VMs on configured floating IPs on the instance(with id 'XXXX').

But I am unable to narrow down as to where is the exact problem lying.

Can you guys please help me out on this?

Thanks & Regards,

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