logsearch-for-cloudfoundry instance failing

kieran robinson

Hey Guys,

We have been having an issue when trying to deploy logsearch, all VM’s are running within CF and all instances running for log search except `logsearch-for-cloudfoundry` which is failing. We have been unable to figure out this issue after troubleshooting for a few days. I was wondering if anyone else ran into similar issues or would have any guidance on possible solutions.

I have included two logs below, one from the instance which is failing `logsearch-for-cloudfoundry` and the second from the log-api instance running in CF

From logsearch-for-cloudfoundry

Exception occurred! Message: Closing connection with traffic controller due to error Details: Error dialing trafficcontroller server: Unauthorized error: You are not authorized. Error: Invalid authorization.

From traffic controller

Error getting auth data: Post https://uaa.cf.prod-infra.gl1.allstate.com/check_token: remote error: tls: handshake failure

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