Proposal: Rename disk_types.cloud_properties.type

Evan Farrar <evanfarrar@...>

After helping a BOSH Bootloader user today with deploying a BOSH release
I've realized that there is a small pain point in the BOSH cloud-config
schema that could be resolved.

I suggest we disambiguate the schema and terminology used within BOSH
regarding disk types. There are three closely related things that all
re-use the term “type”: persistent_disk_type, disk_types, and
disk_types.cloud_properties.type. This is a recent issue, because
previously disk_pool was renamed to disk_type to clarify the relationship
between persistent_disk_type and disk_pool.

Problem: A user receives an error message like “Persistent disk “default”
not found.” She must consult her cloud-config for an acceptable disk type
to substitute and may be led to believe that “S4” or “gp2” would be an
acceptable value when in fact the persistent_disk_type field requires a
value from

Solution: Renaming disk_types.cloud_properties.type to I have based this on the terminology
used on IaaS pricing documentation, where most use the term “volume type”
or “volume storage” for this piece of information.

I'm curious what others think of this proposal. Please add comments and
suggestions on this document
or via mailing list.


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