Re: Elixir for bosh director?

Leandro David Cacciagioni

OK what you quote is certainly amazing, anyway that only tackle the
Scalability in part (I know for sure that elixir/erlang can hold the same a
lot better) but it didn't solve the Fault Tolerance part or the true no
downtime deployments (I know that people like IBM will love to update BOSH
with true / zero downtime). Plus all the simplification in the Director
logic that can come from using the proper tool for the right job. Anyway I
think I'll start a POC as under GPL license to make a compatible "BOSH
director" using elixir. Anyone who will like to help more than welcomed.

2017-04-27 17:59 GMT+02:00 Geoff Franks <geoff(a)>:

FWIW, we've managed BOSHes with many deployments, some of which consist of
~1000 VMs, and not seen any direct performance issues of the BOSH director.
Just lengthy deploys due to having so many VMs to iterate through.

I've also seen a significant uptick in responsiveness from the bosh cli
when using the v2 cli, since ruby isn't parsing for tons of gemfiles every
time I start the CLI up.

On Apr 27, 2017, at 9:01 AM, Leandro David Cacciagioni <
leandro.21.2008(a)> wrote:

After more than 6 months working with elixir in prod, it crossed my mind
that maybe it deserves some time of experiment and think on the possibility
Some of the pros that I can list out of the box (without digging to much
in the technical side) are:

- Ruby like syntax (I know I know... This means a lot for people that
don't like erlang syntax) (I'm used to both so far)
- Easiness of development thanks to OTP & FP.
- Scalability (ex: http://www.phoenixframework.
- Fault-tolerance
- True no downtime updates.
- Simplification:
- nats can be deprecated.
- All the other jobs (Director, Registry, Blobstore, HM & CPI) can
to be OTP/Apps (Mix powered) under the same umbrella project.
- Clustering out of the box
- Perfomance wins, giving the nature of elixir/erlang/OTP is easy to
guess that a single bosh instance will gonna be able to manage more
deployments and bigger deployments than it does now.

This is a suggestion and I would like to know if you agree or don't and


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