Re: BOSH Windows is now GA

Dr Nic Williams

Awesome work and huge congratulations!

From: Colin Jackson <cojackson(a)>
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:02:06 AM
To: cf-bosh(a)
Subject: [cf-bosh] BOSH Windows is now GA

Hi cf-bosh,

BOSH Windows, the new deployment mechanism for Windows cells, is now generally available.

About BOSH Windows: At this point BOSH Windows has been successfully running 100% of the CI/CD workload for the BOSH Windows and Greenhouse teams for more than a month. The Diego team has also just finished an effort to integrate workers deployed via BOSH Windows in their CI/CD pipeline. In all cases it has held up remarkably well. Given this I'm happy to recommend people start using BOSH Windows as soon as possible.

BOSH Windows uses the exact same agent code as BOSH Linux for running jobs, so when you run jobs you know they run similarly on Windows as elsewhere.

Thanks all very much, and again a huge thanks to the BOSH Windows team!


William Martin, BOSH Windows PM

Colin Jackson, BOSH Windows PM

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