Re: bosh snapshot

Alexander Lomov

Could you tell what is an output of `bosh task <snapshot-task-number> --debug` command?

I have seen the same issue, I was able to run snapshot command, but logs contain the error. Also it is possible that your CPI does not have implemented snapshot_disk function. What CPI do you use?

On Jan 10, 2017, at 1:26 PM, Kieran Robinson <kieran.robinson7(a)> wrote:

Hi There,

I have been working on automating a bosh snapshot my initial issue was resolved by setting this parameter in the bosh config

enable_snapshots: true

With snapshots enabled, once i run [ bosh take snapshot [JOB] [INDEX] ] all seems fine and it says snapshot taken successfully. However once i run [bosh snapshots] it shows there are none...

Any ideas?


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