Re: How to install BOSH Director on virtualbox?

Eric Malm <emalm@...>


You might try setting up your hand-rolled BOSH-Lite with the
bosh-deployment repo ( and
the v2 BOSH CLI ( I was able to
create one a few weeks ago as follows:

bosh interpolate \
--ops-file $BOSH_DEPLOYMENT_DIR/virtualbox/cpi.yml \
--ops-file $BOSH_DEPLOYMENT_DIR/bosh-lite.yml \
--vars-store $DEPLOYMENT_DIR/creds.yml \
-v director_name="Bosh Lite Director" \
-v internal_ip= \
-v internal_gw= \
-v internal_cidr= \
-v network_name=vboxnet0 \
--var-errs \
--var-errs-unused \
> $DEPLOYMENT_DIR/bosh-lite.yml

bosh create-env \
$DEPLOYMENT_DIR/bosh-lite.yml \
--state $DEPLOYMENT_DIR/state.json \
--vars-store $DEPLOYMENT_DIR/creds.yml

The env vars above are BOSH_DEPLOYMENT_DIR, the path to your local copy of
bosh-deployment repo, and DEPLOYMENT_DIR, the path to a directory for the
BOSH-Lite deployment manifest and state.

Note that this does not set up the Virtualbox VM with NAT. I had to make a
few extra changes with a separate ops-file to put the VM on a Virtualbox
NAT network, which time permitting I'll PR into the bosh-deployment repo


On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 11:03 AM, zr alt <zralt1(a)> wrote:

I compiled garden-linux (as it had a makefile, garden-runc suggests that I
use BOSH, which I'm trying to install, and no steps how to create it
'manually'), so that the create_vm can succeed. It brought up a VM for the
warden, but now it hangs with ' Waiting for the agent on VM'. Some process
got stuck in it after connecting to the container, and now it just waits.
Any ideas how to get this done from scratch? Am I even walking on the
right path messing with this, or just I'm missing something really obvious?

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