Re: App_domain and system_domain overlaps resulting in "name unique or name overlapping error"

Danny Berger

This sounds fairly specific to cf-release. You might want to raise an issue
at for a more targeted audience.
It will also be helpful to them if you include whether this happens when
updating an existing deployment or on a fresh deploy, and which version of
cf-release, BOSH director, and stemcell you're running.

On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 1:22 PM, Sankeerth Sai <sankyrth4u(a)> wrote:

"bosh deploy" fails due to system domain and app domain overlapping. In my
manifest (cf-deployment.yml) I had given System_domain something like and app_domain something like I also
tried keeping both system and app domains as but it fails

I went a bit further and edited cloud_controller configuration for the api
vm by going to seeds.rb file and adding (validate =>
false) but didn't work too. Does anyone has a fix for this?

Danny Berger

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