Re: when update the bosh director, bosh-init says "Address is in use"

Danny Berger

This is often due to losing the director-state.json file that bosh-init
created after your initial deploy. That file keeps track of the existing
instance and disk CIDs. It uses those values during an update to cleanly
shut thing down your VM and reattach your disk afterwards.

Double check that you still have the state file or check out some recovery
suggestions from


On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 6:28 AM, Stanley Shen <meteorping(a)> wrote:

I am having a bosh director deployed by bosh-init, which has the private

Right now I am trying to upgrade the director to latest, and it keep saying

CPI 'create_vm' method responded with error:
CmdError{"type":"Unknown","message":"Address is in

When I trying to run "bosh-init deploy ./director.yml", it's an update
operation, the address is taken up by itself.

What should I do about this, anyone met this issue too? the bosh-init
version is "version 0.0.80-a62aad7-2015-10-28T01:52:29Z"

Thanks in advance.
Danny Berger

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