Re: Unknown error while cf push

Danny Berger

Hi - interesting question, but since it seems fairly CF-specific, you might
find better help from the cf-dev list (
You could also try the #cf-users channel in CloudFoundry Slack ( Good luck!

On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 8:56 AM, Sankeerth Sai <sankyrth4u(a)> wrote:

I tried to push an app in my newly created opensource cf on vsphere
environment....I had seen an unknown error while cf push.....After looking
in to logs under /var/vcap/sys/log..I found out these errors...

1. under go router logs
[2016-09-08 15:42:15+0000] 2016/09/08 15:42:15 http: proxy error: dial tcp
xx.xx.xx.x.:9022: getsockopt: connection refused

2. Also If I do cf push appname -v ..the connection is closed
Accept: application/json
Authorization: [PRIVATE DATA HIDDEN]
"Connection: close "
Content-Type: application/json

When ever I push an app, it is uploading files to blobstore and then
fails to restart app....Can anyone help me?
Danny Berger

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