Migrating a full-stack bosh deployment to bosh-init

Allan Espinosa


We currently have a binary bosh [1] setup. However we would like to transition to bosh-init to prevent having to manage multiple bosh deployments.

I'm looking at how to regenerate the state file described in [2]. I can find my VM CID from "bosh vms bosh-meta --details" but can't get the other information from the director. Is there other places to retrieve the information? Or do I have to poke things below the cpi (vSphere in our case).

We're using the vsphere cpi for our deployment.


[1] https://blog.starkandwayne.com/2014/07/10/resurrecting-bosh-with-binary-boshes/
[2] https://bosh.io/docs/using-bosh-init.html#recover-deployment-state

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