Re: Installing Cloud Foundry

Danny Berger

I'm not familiar with that particular blog entry, but the error you mention
suggests your YAML file is invalid. Perhaps double check that you're
indenting with spaces instead of tabs and using the correct indentation
around that line. An IDE or something with syntax highlighting/reformatting
might be more helpful in identifying the issue.

A couple other resources which may be helpful are... the official CF docs
site [1] and the open-source CloudFoundry Slack site [2] where the wider
community may be a bit more responsive.



On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 6:14 AM, Greg Waines <greg.waines(a)> wrote:

I am following this blog:

I have successfully installed bosh, done the ‘bosh upload stemcell and
done the ‘bosh upload release https…cf-release?v=197.

But i am now stuck on the ‘bosh deployment minimal-openstack.yml’ step.

I have copied the sample manifest file in the blog.
Edited it with my own parameters wherever it said REPLACE.
But get the following error:

% bosh deployment minimal-openstack.yml
Incorrect YAML structure in ‘/my-bosh/cf/minimal-openstack.yml’:
(<unknown>): did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping at
line 127 column 3

Line 127 of minimal-openstack.yml is

- name: ha_proxy_z1

Any ideas ?
I’ve moved this ha_proxy item to the end of the ‘jobs’ section … all the
other items in the ‘jobs’ section parse correctly … just this one causing

Danny Berger

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