Installing Cloud Foundry

Greg Waines

I am following this blog:

I have successfully installed bosh, done the ‘bosh upload stemcell and done the ‘bosh upload release https…cf-release?v=197.

But i am now stuck on the ‘bosh deployment minimal-openstack.yml’ step.

I have copied the sample manifest file in the blog.
Edited it with my own parameters wherever it said REPLACE.
But get the following error:

% bosh deployment minimal-openstack.yml
Incorrect YAML structure in ‘/my-bosh/cf/minimal-openstack.yml’: (<unknown>): did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping at line 127 column 3

Line 127 of minimal-openstack.yml is

- name: ha_proxy_z1

Any ideas ?
I’ve moved this ha_proxy item to the end of the ‘jobs’ section … all the other items in the ‘jobs’ section parse correctly … just this one causing problems.


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